As much as I look forward to upgrading my phone it also causes so many stresses! What phone to choose? What contract to choose? How much to spend a month? SIM Only or Contract? I also always hate that soon after getting an upgrade I end up finding better deals!

Choosing the phone

Personally I always stick with the same manufacturer when choosing a new phone. Every 2 years when my contract is up for renewal I always aim to go for their latest model . I know a lot of others love to mix up and have a different manufacturer each time but I love sticking with the same. Some people prefer just going down the route of buying the phone but getting a SIM Free phone with a SIM only contract. This also certainly hugely reduces monthly bills (it’s amazing just how much it saves). It can also work out much cheaper especially when trading in your old phone so you have the money upfront for the new phone.

Contract or Sim Only

There are so many SIM Only providers that sometimes there is a real need to check out which exactly are the best SIM Free contracts. Prices really do vary across the nation and you can sit for hours scrolling through websites just to find the best deal. There are also such a huge variety of networks including the main providers EE, Orange, 02 as well as others often not thought about Tesco, GiffGaff and more.

Equally there are some fantastic Contract deals with the main providers. Yet again you have to look through to find out just what is the best deal. Especially when working out which is best for your phone usage.

Where to look for deals?

A great place to check out prices is looking at Latest Deals where you can compare prices of the phones. Not only do they show you the best deals for phones there are also plenty of accessories that are available. Including items such as phone printers, speakers, projectors and party lights

I know for my next upgrade I will be looking for a SIM only contract through the website as well as recommending to my friends and family.

Naomi xx

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