I have so many photos that I have loved throughout the year! Obviously they all include Lola! I thought I would do a post of my favourite photos of each month!


One of our first family photo! Lola was only about 8 hours old when this photo was taken!



I love the pout on my little lady in this photo! She has the most beautiful lips! People pay a huge amount of money for a pout like this!



This photo I really do love but at the same time it is also with great sadness that this photo was taken. It was taken at My Great Uncles Funeral. He adored Lola and he certainly held on to meet her.




Our first family holiday was at Butlins in Bognor Regis. We went swimming each morning and Lola loved it! There was a professional photographer in the swimming pool and she had taken our photos but we called her back to take one of us with the Duck! This is when she caught this photo!



Lola loves her duck from Auntie Chloe and will sometimes fall asleep cuddling up with it! I love how angelic Lola looks.



This was taken was whilst we were away with in Greatstone with the entire family! Lola loves swimming and although she didn’t go in the swim whilst we were away she certainly went in her paddling pool a lot!



Lola’s smile in this photo is beautiful. We were on a day out for Babs’ birthday! She looks so cheeky!



I’ve always said I don’t want Lola wearing headbands but she looks amazing in this photo! I absolutely love it! It shows just how beautiful my little lady is!



I was honoured to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends in September and this was taken just before our meal. It totally captures just how cheeky Lola is!



October was another month for a wedding! We had my Uncles Wedding! They had these fantastic props on the table which we loved!



We went to the BBC Good Food Show and even after Lola had eaten tasters from every stall she was still hungry enough for apple! This was taken just as we were about to get the overground back!



I know December isn’t quite over but this is my favourite photo so far! It was the 2nd time we visited Father Christmas this year and Lola was fascinated by Father Christmas. Brookside really is so magical and we can’t wait to visit next year!


It really has been so difficult looking at choosing just one photo each month. There have been hundreds of photos I have loved!

Naomi xx

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