*This is a collaborative post* Losing someone you love is never an easy experience, and it can feel overwhelming at times. It can be troubling trying to cope when you’re no longer able to see someone that you have loved, but there are ways to help you handle the situation. Accepting things can take time, and moving on can take even longer, but you should never have to suffer in these situations. Grieving is something that can be handled in many ways, and some are easier than others. It depends on the individual, and everyone has their own way to handle things, but you should consider doing what you can to feel better during the whole thing.


Decorate their burial place

Visiting your loved ones’ burial places is normal and can help you feel close to them again, but a simple burial place isn’t enough for some people. Sometimes people feel like there should be more in their place to show how special they were. You may have seen some graves decorated with statues of angels and so on, and they can be a great way to help you feel like you’ve done something for them. It might be quite a big investment, however, it’s an effective and respectful way to mourn them.

Celebrate them yearly

Losing someone is hard, but recovering and grieving don’t mean forgetting them. Spending a day yearly to remember them and celebrate their existence can be a great way to honor them. It doesn’t have to be a huge event, but something that helps you feel better and reminds you of how they were can be a great way to honor them. Doing something that they enjoyed, or getting your friends together to talk about them and pay your respects.

Keep them close to you

Trying to remain close to your loved ones can be difficult when they’re no longer with you, and it can be hard to hold onto that feeling. However, a great way to have them feel like they’re with you at all times is by carrying something of theirs or something that reminds you of them with you. It can be an accessory like a piece of jewelry or a picture. It doesn’t have to be too flashy, but something that lets you feel like they’re still with you can be helpful for when you’re missing them.

Live your best life

Just because you’ve lost your loved one, doesn’t mean you should let this be a part of your own downfall. You should consider how they would have wanted you to respond to their passing, and how they would have wanted you to go on. Even if it was someone very close to you, it’s important that you use this as inspiration and motivation to live your best life. It might feel hopeless at times, but you’ll have someone else to do this for too. They would want you to move on and be happy in life, while still mourning them in your own way.

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