*This is a collaborative post* Having toddlers in your life and around your home is a big responsibility and a lot of work. They’re young, have a lot of energy, and will keep you very busy on any given day.

Your main concern is likely their health and happiness. It’s also about keeping them safe and free from any accidents and out of harm’s way. One way to do this is by creating the right home and space for them to run around in and live in. Learn more about what you can do to make your home better for toddlers.

The Right Furniture

Sharp edges on furniture can be dangerous and your toddler might accidentally fall into it and hurt themselves. You want your kids to be able to play freely around the house and not have to worry about every little move they make. Therefore, you should consider baby-proofing your home and investing in pieces that have rounded and soft edges. If you do have pointy or hard furniture then consider covering the corners so that they aren’t sharp and dangerous. The right furniture can be the difference between you having to worry about your kids all the time and letting them walk and run around freely in your home.

Have Enough Space & Storage

It’s also important that you have enough space for your family members and toddlers. In the case that you need to add more bedrooms or storage space, you may want to consider moving or a home renovation. If you choose to proceed with a big renovation project or relocate then make sure you secure some skip bins to ensure it’s a smooth experience and process for you and your family members. You need a safe place for your toddlers to sleep, play, and eat and you don’t want your home or rooms to be overcrowded.

Consider the Outdoors

You should also consider the outdoors and exterior of your property when trying to make your home better for toddlers. It’s especially important if you have a grill or swimming pool. Someone should always be supervising your toddlers outside and you should practise certain safety measures if the grill is hot or you have the swimming pool open or it’s in use. Other options for improving your home for little ones include installing a playground and sandbox and having a garden that they can help you work in when the weather is nice. 

Area Rugs & Flooring

Hard tile floors can also be dangerous and unsafe for your toddlers if they’re working on walking or like to run around. It’s important that you always watch and monitor them on hard surfaces. You should also consider adding more area rugs down or replacing your floors with kid-friendly and pet-friendly options such as luxury vinyl planks. You want to know that if your kids slipped and fell that they would be fine after hitting the floor. Carpet is always a great and safe option and will make you feel more relaxed knowing that they can fall and they won’t get hurt.

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