One of the biggest worries about going on holiday for anybody isn’t the actual holiday. It’s knowing that you are leaving your home behind with all your belongings in. Everything you’ve worked for, saved for and been given is in that house. No matter where you are it is so often you hear on the news about burglaries whilst people are away. This has certainly increased since the use of social media and informing the world when you are away! One way of getting over this fear is the Panasonic Indoor Camera

Panasonic Indoor Camera

The Panasonic Indoor Camera is not only useful for when you are on holiday but even when you are just out for the day! Best of all it is all linked to your SmartPhone so you can access and see your home at any time during the day.

It can record up to 240 hours when using a 32 GB memory card and will record in up to 15 minutes each time. The camera detects through motion, sound and temperature sensors and then alerts your phone immediately. It even allows you to speak through as it has an in built speaker.

Another feature that is a huge added bonus is that you can select which areas it covers. If you have a dog or a cat that you know might set it off then you can select which area of the room they will be in so that it doesn’t set off the camera. Whether it’s just in one room or certain areas of the room.

Baby Monitor

Not only can it be used as a security camera, it can also be used as a baby monitor. With it’s night vision you are able to see your baby as they sleep. Again it will alert your phone when there is a change in temperature or sudden movements. As an added bonus you can also play music or white noise through the in built speaker to soothe your baby if they are stirring.

For more information got to the Panasonic Indoor Camera Page. It is currently retailing at £79.99

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