So many people struggle on their income against the rate of inflation. I know that we have really struggled so had to look into other ways to make some money. Here are just a couple of ideas for make and save some money!


I absolutely love Prolific! It’s a survey website that pays you for your time. Some surveys you only get 50/60p but it is worth it as they are quick 2 minute surveys and it soon builds up! Some require you to take part weekly or fortnightly for a couple of months but you are always paid for you time! Just make sure to register as a participant (not researcher!). It’s worth keep checking the site throughout the day for new surveys!


Swagbucks takes a bit more time to build up but it is a mixture of cashback (in swagbucks), surveys and just by exploring other sites. You can then exchange your Swagbucks into vouchers for numerous shops as well as Paypal and Mastercard! I love being able to transfer them into Amazon vouchers so they can be added straight onto your Amazon account.

Loyalty Points

I always forget about points on all of my different store loyalty cards. I love transferring my Tescos Clubcard points into Days Out vouchers, using my Nectar Points on clothes during the Sainsburys Tu Clothing Sales and buying lots of different baby/toddler products using my Boots Advantage Points! If you aren’t already then join the Parenting club with Boots as you will receive 10 points per pound on all baby products! 100 points equate to £1 so certainly build up pretty quickly!

For quick and easy money up front it’s also worth looking into Cash Lady.

Naomi xx

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