Christmas is not the same if you don’t watch Christmas Movies! Every year we get so excited about seeing when they will all be on TV! These are a few of my favourites!

Love Actually

Two words! Hugh Grant! That’s all I need to say! That dance is one of the most amazing parts of that film!!

The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

I remember watching this every year and being so excited about watching this again and again! It was released in 1992 I can’t believe it; it really is a timeless classic! Although, I haven’t watched it this year yet but really can’t wait to watch it! Without a doubt it is a film that Lola will certainly love!

Jingle All the Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger is brilliant in this film! The fight over a toy that is desperately wanted for Christmas. The film portrays the hell that parents go through every single year to get hold of the much anticipated toy of the year!

Santa Claus The Movie

Santa Claus: The Movie is such a magical film and certainly helps with keeping the magic of Christmas alive. I remember as a child watching this every year and thinking just how amazing it is!

The Grinch

Another recent Christmas Film. Anything Dr Seuss is fantastic! My Grandad has always read the Dr Seuss books to us when we were growing up. The Grinch is another feel good film and seeing that good that be done and the happiness that can be spread at Christmas!

So what is your favourite Christmas Movie? There are so many more films that are watched every single year. These are just 5 of my favourites as I could sit and write about each film for ages!

Naomi xx


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