Everybody loves a good Christmas drink! Whether it be an alcoholic drink that is only drank at Christmas. Or a Christmas drink that is sold yearly throughout our favourite coffee shops!

My personal favourite alcoholic drink at Christmas without a doubt is a Snowball! I absolutely love them. I honestly can’t wait to be able to drink them this year as last year I was heavily pregnant. As I’m still breastfeeding I will only be able to have one or two but roll on next year when I can have a few more!

Out of all the coffee shops Costa is certainly the best. I love the Costa Christmas menu. So far I have tried the Orange Hot Chocolate this year but that is all I have had so far! Previously years my favourite has been Crème Brulee Latte.

As I was thinking about it I thought I would find out just what other drinks everybody else looks forward to at Christmas!


One of the top alcoholic drinks that is a firm favourite amongst the blogging community is Baileys. I also associate Baileys with Christmas usually my Nan and my Mum both have a Baileys at Christmas and I have recently started to enjoy it as well. Laura from  always has a Baileys whilst wrapping the Christmas Presents as well as over the Christmas Period. Vicky from Being Tilly’s Mummy always receives a bottle from her children on Christmas morning which is then gone by lunch time! I totally agree with how moreish it can be!

I have recently discovered the Aldi own brand Irish Cream for only about £3.50 (I can’t remember the exact amount!) which is just as good as Baileys! That is gone pretty quickly as well for me! Emma from The Cheshire Wife loves to have a Baileys with one ice cube. I personally don’t like it with ice but I know this is very popular! I know that Clarissa from KK Moo and Monkey 2 agrees with Emma!

Wine and Champagne

Various wines and Champagnes are always favorites especially as it is a time of celebration. I’m not a huge wine lover but if it’s a really sweet wine or usually something low alcohol I usually love them. Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders will always have a glass (or two!) of Champagne with a festive splash of Charmbord in. Both Ashleigh from 3 Girls Mummy and Nicola from Nicola Says both go for the lower alcohol drinks choosing Bucks Fizz and Lambrusco for over the Christmas Period. Like both I totally remember being allowed a small amount when I was younger and it being a huge treat!

Anything Else

I know technically it should be in the above heading but Mulled Wine is always popular. I really don’t like Mulled Wine but I love Mulled Cider! Steph from Mental Parentals  loves Mulled Wine made in the Slow Cooker. It’s amazing the things you can make in the slow cooker especially as you never think about drinks! Cat from Pushing the Moon is also a Mulled Cider lover! Cat’s family make it on Christmas Eve on top of their wood burner so that the smells fill the entire house! I would love to join them on Christmas Eve for that! Becky from Hectic Diabetic enjoys Mulled Wine but goes against the norm and prefers it chilled! Becky buys the same bottle of Mulled Wine every year and it comes up as soon as the Christmas Tree is up with the house being all cosy!

Emma from Me, The Man and The Kids has what sounds like the perfect drink! Tia Maria with Orange Juice and 3 Ice cubes. Apparently it tastes just like Terry’s chocolate Orange! This I certainly need to try!!!

Sarah from The Herniman House likes to go for a more old fashioned drink! Everybody calls it a Granny Drink but she loves Cherry Brandy and Coca Cola! Another person to go for an old fashioned drink is Rachel from e Cake Kids loves a Sherry or 6!

Finally go and check out Danielle’s husbands Instagram page. Danielle is from Someone’s Mum and this drink looks fantastic! Certainly need to taste!

Let me know what your favourite drink is especially over the Christmas period! Hopefully this has inspired some ideas for you!

Naomi xx

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