Did you know today is National Poetry Day? I really wasn’t lying yesterday when I said there are days for everything! There’s a few more interesting days that are coming up throughout Blogtober!


I know I have mentioned our Wedding quite a few times over the past few days but for today I thought I would share the reading from our wedding instead of a poem. We asked my brother to do the reading. We initially had 2 readings but unfortunately the person doing the second reading wasn’t able to come at the last minute.

Where there is love

We chose the reading Where is love written by Helen Steiner Rice

Where there is love the heart is light

Where this is love the day is bright

Where there is love there is a song

To help when things are going wrong

Where there is love there is a smile

To make all things seem more worthwhile

Where there is love thereโ€™s quiet peace

A tranquil place where turmoils cease

Love changes darkness into light

And makes the heart take “wingless flight”

Naomi xx


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