I’m running a few days behind on Blogtober already! I have started writing posts on the previous 2 days but haven’t got round to finishing so thought I would just do today’s post anyway! Today’s theme is Loving These Right Now! I thought I would look at a couple of things!

The Good Wife

We are currently watching the TV series The Good Wife on Amazon Prime! We love having a good TV series to watch whether it be during the day whilst Lola is playing or in the evening once she is asleep! We watch shows on Netflix 95% of the time but at the moment our Netflix keeps freezing! So onto Amazon Prime we are! The idea was to watch a couple of episodes of it and then move back to Netflix but we are currently on Season 3 and loving it still!

Vegan Cheese!

Ok this is actually something i’m hating. However, today I was super excited to finally be able to have pizza! Asda now do vegan cheese to go on top of the choose your own pizzas! Since being dairy free the one thing I have struggled with is just how disgusting dairy free cheese is! Today in Asda we picked up a pizza and it was amazing!!! I really was so excited to be able to eat a proper pizza again and with meat! Obviously all the usual vegan pizzas don’t have meat on so it was amazing to actually be able to have meat as well as cheese that I can eat!

Marmite Crisps

It’s amazing just how many different crisps have milk in! So finding dairy free crisps has been hard! I was loving the McCoys Paprika crisps but now I’m onto loving Walkers Marmite Crisps! The only downside is that Lola is also loving them!

Mucky Munchkins

This isn’t totally for me but Lola is loving Mucky Munchkins! We first went when Lola was about 15 months and been going on and off ever since! It’s messy play (serious messy play!) and best of all it’s not at home so no tidying up! (Sorry Rachel!) This is the post I wrote last year when we first went! The best part for adults is that they even get a hot drink made for them whilst there! Surely you can’t get anything better than that!?

Naomi xx


2 thoughts on “#Blogtober2018 Loving These Right Now”

  1. I think if I was dairy free, cheese on pizza would be the only thing I would really miss. So glad you got to enjoy a pizza again.
    Ahh! Messy play somewhere away from home is fantastic fun! x

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