Today is National Badger Day! So today’s post is all about forests – well slightly! Behind where we live there is a small wooded area so have I decided to write a tiny bit about it! There are a variety of trees including a number of horse chestnut trees! I thought I would share some photos that I took yesterday whilst we were out in the garden trying to clear some of them! I won’t lie I didn’t even take them just for this post as I had totally forgotten what today’s theme was!


The main tree that overlooks our garden is one of the Horse Chestnut trees. So many people think that it’s fantastic that Lola can go out and pick them all but it’s really not! The outer shells (I won’t lie I don’t know know what they are called!) are so sharp and spikey so it means that we always have to wear shoes whilst out and about in the garden even during the summer! Throughout the summer the amount of times we tried to brave bare feet and even after sweeping so many times we were still finding hundreds of the spikes! Until yesterday we honestly could not see our garden because there were so many covering it! They have been falling really heavy all day as well so it’s pretty much covered again!

Lola’s love!

Lola obviously absolutely loves being out in the garden collecting all the chestnuts! She had filled a couple of huge bowls within minutes! It honestly goes to show just how many are in our small garden! They have been great for Lola to play with though! She loved counting them and lining them up on the floor!

Naomi xx


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  1. I understand the problems you face but I have to say that I’m so very jealous! We used to go collecting chestnuts when I was younger and it’s one of the things I really miss now I’ve moved to Lincoln from Derbyshire.

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