Today is World Teachers Day so I thought I would write briefly about a couple of teachers that had such a huge influence on me. I won’t make their names so will just use descriptions and the subjects they taught! I actually changed secondary schools at the end of Year 10. Ironically 2 out of the 3 teachers were ones at the second school!

Year 7-9 English Teacher

I absolutely adored my English Teacher from years 7-9. She inspired me so much to get involved with books and enjoy English literature. Every year she arranged for our school to take part in the Carnegie book awards! A national book awards that encouraged schools to take part by reading all the books nominated as finalists and then writing reviews. In the few years I read some absolutely amazing books and had some such exciting experiences. One of these experiences included meeting Jaqueline Wilson who was my absolute idol at the time! Until I had met this teacher I had always loved English but never quite this much! I was absolutely devastated when she left!

Year 10-11 English Teacher and Form Teacher

One of my biggest concerns about moving school was about who I would have for English. Who could possibly be anywhere near as lovely and passionate about English! Then I started at Bennett Memorial! Not only did I have the loveliest form tutor she also happened to be my English Teacher! I wasn’t that keen on the book Lord of the Flies but I soon fell in love with it! The amount of brain storm maps I made for it was crazy, aswell as the acting out of the book. I just loved it all! She honestly helped me in every way possible with the transfer and making me feel welcome to the new school!

Year 10-11 Music Teacher

Anybody that knows me will know my huge love is music. When I was 6 I started playing the piano and went on to study music at Canterbury College followed by completing a degree in Music and Education Studies.

I was determined to get a good grade in Music in my GCSE’S. I had worked so hard in Year 10 until I moved schools but still had so much more to work on. As a result of moving schools it meant I had some free periods with no lessons. For a majority of these lessons I spent in the music rooms working on compositions and recordings.

I won’t lie my music teacher was an older lady and not very much liked because she was super strict. However I loved her! She helped me so much with ensuring I had caught up with everybody on the class. I ended up getting an A in Music and without a doubt it was all down to the influence of this teacher!

Naomi xx


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