As you may have seen on the news and social media this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


This month alone more than 5000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 1 in 8 women will fight breast cancer at some point in their life. Many more women are surviving and fighting the battle however still so much more research needs to be put in to help. Not only for research but to be able to provide vital services for those fighting the battle as well as their families. Providing emotional support and help with every aspect of life.


CoppaFeel is a charity that promote just how important it is to constantly check your boobs! By checking your boobs at an early age and getting into the routine of doing so if someone is diagnosed with breast cancer then it as at the earliest stage possible. CoppaFeel visits schools, universities, festivals and so many more events raising awareness. You can even sign up to receive text reminders to check yourself! To find out more about CoppaFeel visit their website

Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care is a charity that was set up in 1973 by Betty Westgate a survivor of breast cancer. They provide so much support to so many families. Providing information for what will happen during their fight, bringing people together who have been affected by breast cancer. As well as doing so much they also have a helpline that provides emotional as well as practical support. For more information on Breast Cancer Care visit their website

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  1. Thankyou for helping to raise awareness of such an important subject, it is so amazing to see so many people joining together to discuss this issue.

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