This is certainly a very apt theme for today’s post! Babs and I are celebrating 6 years of being together!

How we met

As I’ve mentioned previously Babs and I met at work in 2012. We were working in Supported Living for Adults with Autism. He was a Team Leader and I was a Support Worker. We became really good friends as we would often work in the community together. I then left the company and Babs left soon after. After we both left we still were in contact but not very often.

I ended up going back to the company as a Team Leader in 2014 and Babs returned 3 months after me. We became a lot closer then and after about a month and half of him being back we got back together.

Moving Quickly

We moved in together pretty much immediately. Our job meant we were easily doing 4 or 5 sleep ins at work a week and often had nights that clashed so it meant that the one or two nights we had off he would just stay at mine (especially as it was much closer to work for us both) We very rarely got any time together and one of us would often be finishing work as the other started.

Babs officially gave notice on where he was living after we had been together 3 months. It certainly made the most sense as it was such a waste of money. We got engaged soon after and then found out I was pregnant with our eldest when we had been together 7 months. Initially we booked to get married for when we had been together a year but decided to postpone until after the baby had been born.

As with everything life took over. Having a baby, moving and just everyday life meant we didn’t get to rearrange a date. We then found out I was pregnant again when our eldest was 19 months old.

In the December 2017 when I was just over 20 weeks pregnant we decided that actually to us it was important to get married before the baby was born. We booked it for less than 3 months later.

Our Wedding

Even though we booked our Wedding it didn’t mean the stress was over. Due to Babs not being English it meant our Notice of Marriage had to go through the Home Office first. We had to wait for them to come back to us to confirm we were allowed to get married. The deadline for them replying was 2 weeks before we got married. Thankfully we had a reply within 2 weeks to say there weren’t any suspicious circumstances so we were allowed to get married.

We got married on 16th March 2018 whilst I was nearly 34 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. We really were at the stage of just wanting to get married rather than wait and save to have a bigger wedding. I wrote a separate post at the time with lots of wedding photos We did it!


Everything since has been full on and non stop with two daughters and a move! Everything certainly goes so much quicker once there are children involved! I won’t lie there has been so much pressure throughout our relationship because of Babs not being English. Every 2.5 years we have to reapply for his Visa to stay with us but thankfully we only have to reapply next October and then after that Visa he can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain here. It has caused us so much stress as well as absolute ridiculous amounts of money but is certainly worth it our family being together.

Today we have celebrated 6 years together and in March we will have been married 3 years. Ironically we are expecting our 3rd baby the day before our Wedding Anniversary!

Naomi xx


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  1. Happy 6 years together, what a whirlwind! We had been together 10 months when I found out we were expecting Xene, but when you know, you know. I had no idea you had to go through so many complications with visas etc, glad it will soon be finished x

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