This year I have decided to take part in Blogtober again! Some years I have managed to complete the whole month blogging every day in October. Other years I have managed to get half way then started to fall behind! Fingers crossed I make it through the whole month!

As per previous years Mandi from Big Family Chaos is running Blogtober 2020 so she has set themes for each daily post. This year is music theme but like previous years we interpret them to how we want!

Over the next few days the posts will be all about my family so today I thought I would just share 5 random facts about me! I have also realised I have pretty much no photos of just me only from our wedding!

One – Musical

I can play the Piano. I started to learn the Piano when I was 6 and reached grade 5 but then stopped taking grades. When at University I had chosen Theory based music instead of Practical so it meant I didn’t have to play at all. In all honesty I haven’t played the Piano for a couple of years but more recently I’ve been thinking about sorting out my piano that is at my Mum’s so that Lola can also learn the basics. I know she is really eager to learn. I still have all my piano books from when I first to learn so will be perfect for her.

Two – Degree

I have a degree in Music and Education Studies. It was always my dream to be a Music Teacher so initially applied to Canterbury Christ Church University to study Music Education. Sadly there wasn’t enough uptake so I was asked if I would be happy to change to do either just Music by it’s self or do a Combined Honours. I ended choosing Music and Education Studies as that was still along the lines of Music Education. In 2012 with a 2.2 and I won’t lie I haven’t actually done anything with my degree since graduating. I can’t find my other Graduation photos so my sister will kill me for this one!!

Three – Phobias

3 – I have the biggest phobia of snakes. My children find it absoutely hilarious but I just can’t stand snakes. If I’ve seen them on TV or the girls show me something on their tablets then I know full well I will have a nightmare that night! I have no idea why but also has been the one animal I can’t be near!

Four – Holidays

I absolutely adore Tunisia. I first went to Tunisia in 2013 and although I was excited to go I was also anxious and I know so many people came back with horror stories about their holidays there. Well we arrived and I absolutely fell in love! I even went back the following year with my Mum and managed to explore more areas. I really enjoyed finding out about the culture, seeing historical places as well as places of worship. It really is such a beautiful country with some many reasons to visit. Since then I’ve not had a chance to return but I know it is certainly on my list to visit again in the future.

Five – Work

Since having children I’ve been a stay at home parent. We have looked a number of times at me going back to work but due to Babs shifts it has meant it isn’t feasible for us. Prior to going on Maternity Leave I was a Care Co-Ordinator at a Care Company who specialise in Spinal Injuries. I absolutely loved that job. It was so fast paced and made so many lovely friends but equally had days where it would be super stressful. I would have loved to return but the only option to return was full time. I knew I would often work late, plus be on call over weekends. This clearly was something I just couldn’t do with children if Babs was at work.

Before being a Care Co-Ordinator I was a Team Leader working in Supported Living. Again this was a job I absolutely loved and would jump at the chance to go back to but the hours again just weren’t the best. We often didn’t know our rotas until the last minute. As well as having to do a minimum of two sleep in shifts meaning I would easily work 2 or 3 days straight. For example starting at 7/8am on the Monday and not finishing until the Wednesday 7/8pm. It was great when independent and single but not so great when married with children.

So that’s the first day of Blogtober and fingers crossed I make it through the month!

Naomi xx


11 thoughts on “Blogtober20 Day 1 This is Me”

  1. Welcome back! I am sure you will make it through the month, regarding photos I was exactly the same, in fact I made Neva take some of me on the dog walk last night, just so I had one to put on IG today!
    Working when you have younger children is really difficult, although it doesn’t get much easier when they are older, as i’m currently spending about 3 hours per day driving different children to different schools and colleges, I don’t think I could actually find a job at the moment that would fit.
    Can’t wait to hear more during the month.

  2. I think I have failed Blogtober every year, I am trying to be more focused this year, so far I have written up to day 7 and have them scheduled. Hopefully I can write 1 or 2 posts a day to keep on top of it.

  3. I’d love to have learned to play the piano ,it’s so beautiful!! I played the violin as a teen but hard as I tried I definitely lacked the skill

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