I’m certainly not somebody that spends much time in the kitchen! I seem to go through random stages of being really excited to cook! I go from cooking lots of home cooked meals from scratch to using a lot of jars and short cuts for cooking! I’m really looking forward to moving next month. Although we are moving in with my Mum for a couple of months I have already thought about just a couple of bits I want in our new kitchen!


The first item going in our new kitchen is a dishwasher without a doubt. I can not stand washing up at all! I hate touching dirty plates and it’s even worse when bits of food get in the sink of water! Waiting for Babs to do it all can take days! I just wanted to be able to throw everything into a dishwasher and not worry about it until it needs unloading! Even if there isn’t room for a full dishwasher we will get a compact one or countertop one! I am just desperate to get one!!


I’m determined to get a whiteboard. I want us to be so much more organized and meal plan. On the whiteboard I would meal plan as well as write down any other random extras that we need to get. At the moment so much food goes to waste as I just need to plan so much better what we are having! I also love the idea of writing little motivational notes to get you through the day!

Frying Pan

We currently have about 6 frying pans. Only one of them is any good but it is tiny! We will certainly be buying a bigger decent frying pan. Why we haven’t thrown the other 5 away I honestly don’t know! It’s for those ‘just in case’ days. I can’t wait for the next couple of weeks. In our preparation to pack one of our first jobs is sorting out our kitchen and binning all the rubbish including the frying pans!


Another item we are certainly getting is a toaster. We have never really needed a toaster whilst living here. Neither Babs or I eat toast but there has been quite a few occasions that I’ve wanted to do Lola toast! It takes so much longer in the grill and I end up walking away, shutting the kitchen door (so Lola can’t get to it) and the forgetting about it!

Thought I would share a current photo of our kitchen that come next month won’t be ours anymore! This is one of the only times it’s spotless!

Naomi xx

One thought on “#Blogtober17 Kitchen”

  1. Ahh! I would love a Dishwasher in our kitchen but there just isn’t enough room.
    We have 4 frying pans and only one is any good….lol I keep them for just in case too x

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