I’m really not into any Comedians. Except one! Mr Jack Whitehall! I honestly have such a soft spot for Jack Whitehall, he really is my weak point! He is the only comedian that I am in hysterics watching!

Jack Whitehall

No matter what Jack is on or in he makes me laugh so much. Babs always tells me when my man is on TV! He also knows just how much he makes me laugh! Anything from his awful acting in Bad Education! (Sorry Jack!) To his recent documentary series with his Dad they really have been so funny!

I honestly recommend watching Jack’s recent travels with his Father that is currently on Netflix! It’s so funny seeing him and his Dad clash and the dry sense of humour that his Dad has! This is awful but we actually had a Sunday binge session so watched all 6 episodes in one afternoon! However, each episode is only 30 minutes and it was a day where Lola had an extra long nap so binge TV was allowed!

I honestly couldn’t forget to mention A League of Their Own! But it’s not really the weekly show that I find the funniest. It has to be when they travelled America! When he is with James Corden, Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Rednapp the four of them together are hilarious. The pranks they play on each other and seeing the rivalry between them all! We don’t have Sky so each week we made sure to be at my Mum’s so we could watch it! Do you like comedians!? If so who is your favourite?

Naomi xx

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