Today’s theme is hard! Dates! The fruit? Days? Going out for dates? So I thought I would look at all 3!

The Fruit

Well this is quick and easy! I really don’t like the fruit dates! Have never really liked them. When I was in Tunisia they have dates everywhere. They sell them in packs like you would buy sweets as well.


When I was younger (and even now to an extent!) I used to be obsessed with dates. I could remember everybody’s birthdays, anniversary’s and just silly little things about various dates! You could ask me how long until a certain date and I would be able to tell you the exact number of days. Now I’m not quite obsessed but I will pretty much remember any date and any significance it has!

Romantic Dates

This is a bit of a shock horror! BUT! Babs and I have never been out on a date! Going out on dates isn’t really us at all! When we first got together I had just bought my flat so he would always come to mine and have dinner. The job that we were both working at the time meant we were working doing sleep ins at work and could be doing up to 5 nights a week. When we had a night off all we wanted to do was chill and just be at home! As we were working so many nights Babs moved in pretty much straight away and we had only been together 3 months when he gave notice on the place he lived.

Our perfect idea of a date is to get a take away and curl up in front of the TV and binge watch a TV series!

Naomi xx

3 thoughts on “#Blogtober17 Dates”

  1. My fella and I are not one’s for going on romantic dates either. We rarely go out. If we do it’s usually for breakfast or lunch when the kids are at school. x

  2. Im so bad at remembering birthdays. I write them in my diary and then don’t even bother to check it, so its totally pointless. I need to start setting reminders in my phone i think.

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