.I enjoyed taking part in Blogtober so much last year that I thought I might as well take part again! Blogtober is where you blog every day in October. I won’t lie it isn’t easy! Especially as we have such a crazy month but I will certainly give it my best shot! We’ve been given prompts by the lovely Mandi over at HexMumBlog so I will be following those as we go! Today’s first prompt is All About You. So here goes!

All About You

So as everybody knows i’m Naomi! I live in Maidstone with my Fiancè Babs and our daughter Lola who is 20 months. So many things have changed recently and are changing! As I have written a couple of previous posts about me I thought I would mention a couple of the extremely exciting things we have planned in October

We have just sold my flat which we are very excited about! We absolutely love where we live but we desperately need somewhere bigger so that Lola can have her own bedroom and so that we aren’t on the 4th floor anymore! To be fair Lola is happy walking up the stairs but it’s still hard work having no lift when we have the food shopping or Lola is asleep! We are initially moving in with my Mum so that we can sort everything out and find somewhere suitable for us. I don’t think we will be move until November but it obviously means throughout October we are going to be packing at any chance possible!

On Wednesday (4th Oct) I have such an exciting day! I was one of the chosen bloggers to go on #BlogCampOnBoard. It is being held on the MSC Preziosa which is a huge cruise ship!! It is a blogging conference so will be great to meet so many new bloggers! I honestly can’t wait so it does mean that we are travelling down to Southampton on Tuesday night once Babs finishes work. Babs is then going to take Lola out for the day whilst we are down there on the Wednesday! We then need to rush back as he is obviously back at work on Thursday! I really can’t wait to get the final schedule so I know what we will be doing for the day!

At the end of October we are then off to Butlins for Just for Tots week! We actually go on the 30th which is my birthday! Last year we went for Just for Tots week when Lola was only 4 months and she thoroughly enjoyed it! I honestly can’t wait to see her face this year! Justin Fletcher and the Teletubbies and they are both just two of her favourites! I know it is going to be a super fun filled week and we are going to have one very exhausted Lola!!

That’s all I’m going to write now as I’m sure I will repeat myself throughout the month!

Make sure and click on the picture below. It will take you through to Mandi’s blog and to show other people who are taking part in Blogtober!

Naomi xx



4 thoughts on “#Blogtober17 All About You”

  1. Welcome back! I can’t believe Lola is 20 months, sounds like an exciting time, I hope you find the perfect house, by now you have already been on the cruise ship, so I hope you had a great time, I was gutted I couldn’t make it, fingers crossed for next time x

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