Why did you start blogging?

I have only started blogging in the past few months but already I love it so much! I decided to start because I was desperate to have something to look back on as Lola grows up. Since she was born I have kept everything in notes on my phone but wanted something that was a bit more detail and include photos of each milestone. Whilst I was pregnant there were a number of blogs that I read and they made such a difference. I thought to myself if my blog even helped one person then that would be such a huge bonus.

I am also very conscious that a lot of Babs family are in Nigeria so I also wanted us to be able to send the posts over to his parents and family so that they could see Lola growing up.

Now that I am not working I feel that it is so important to have something for ‘me’. I know that sounds silly as i’m doing most of it about Lola but I just wanted something that people can relate to me.

I certainly look forward to blogging more and we have so many exciting things coming up that I can’t wait for! We have already had some such fantastic opportunities for Lola as well so it certainly benefits us both.

Naomi xx


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