“What is your favourite Birthday/Christmas Present Ever”

This is a disclaimer that every single Birthday and Christmas present I have loved from every single person! I’m being exceptionally careful as it’s my birthday at the end of October and then obviously Christmas is just around the corner!

I honestly don’t think I have a favourite present, over the years i’ve received a lot of show tickets for presents. I love West End shows so they are always a favourite. There are still so many shows I want to see but they certainly are firm favourites!

For Christmas two years ago Babs and I decided we weren’t going to buy each other presents but spend the money on a holiday. We only went up to Norfolk but we had such a beautiful week away. It was the last week of January that we went so it was out of season so every where we went was quite which was fantastic. As an added bonus we paid extra to have a private hot tub which we loved! It was snowing whilst we were away so there was nothing better than each evening sitting out in the hot tub watching the snow coming down.

My Birthday is at the end of October so it will be my first Birthday as a mummy!! I know nothing will beat being with Lola and Babs on my birthday!!

Naomi xx


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