When I was younger I also wanted to be a music teacher and as I started to get older I wanted to become a music therapist. It would still be a dream come true however I do not see it happening any time soon!

I started playing the Piano when I was 6 and I loved to always perform in various concerts and Arts Festivals however towards the end of Secondary school I started to loose my confidence playing in public. I carried on studying music but instead of playing I studied the theory side and although I enjoyed it I felt that it really wasn’t quite the same as playing.

Once at University we had to decide which modules we wanted to take and I was so excited to see Music, Arts and Health. In the first year we went along to a Day Centre for Elderly and would sing songs with them, it was fantastic! It’s amazing to see how happy just singing some of the older songs made them. It brought back so many memories for them which meant it was rewarding for us knowing the difference just an hour a week can make to them. The following year our class was split into two, half of us went to a nursing home and the other half went to a school. At the end of the term we all met at the school and it was fantastic the children singing to the adults and the adults singing to the children. This encouraged me even more that I certainly wanted to become a music therapist.

Since Lola was born we have attended a few music classes and I really hope to be able to travel to different places and share my love of music to others.

Naomi xx


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