Oh this is a hard one!! Share a secret!

I keep thinking about this and I honestly have not thought of anything! So I thought after the embarrassing photo on Day 2

I might as well embarrass myself a little bit more and share some embarrassing secrets! So here goes;

  • I love Rastamouse! It makes me laugh so much but it’s more than I’m laughing at it than with them! The dodgy Jamaican accents are hilarious! Lola loves the theme tune and the past few days when it comes on she stands up and starts clapping or bobbing up and down!
  • Cheesy pop music is the best! Especially anything like S Club 7, 5ive, B*Witched, Steps anything that is pure cheese!
  • I also love a bit of Justin Bieber music! Who would have known this time last time I would be a Belieber! His music has certainly got better.
  • I have a little thing for Matt Bomer! Yes Babs knows and he finds it hilarious that Matt Bomer is gay! If you don’t know who he is you certainly need to go and look him up!
  • The other person I have a real thing for is Phillip Schofield. Who could resist the silver fox!
  • When I was growing up I was devastated that I never wore glasses, had braces or had freckles. Like ridiculously upset. I was so jealous of my brother and sister as they both had braces and my sister wore glasses!

I won’t reveal too much more as I’m sure will be coming up throughout the rest of Blogtober!!

Naomi xx


3 thoughts on “*Blogtober Day 4*”

  1. Hee hee! I am with you on the Phillip Schofield thing! I have liked him since he was in the broom cupboard and I think he has got better with age 😀 Oh and B*witched were EPIC! x

    1. He really has got so much better with age!! I still remember all the dance moves for B*Witched!! We had a coal bunker where we used to live and my sister and I used to jump off pretending we were them!! Xx

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