Happy Halloween!! 

I really can’t believe today is the last day of Blogtober! The scariest part is that it now means as of tomorrow we can say it’s Christmas next month!! I really don’t like Christmas preparation to begin until at least 1st November! My birthday was yesterday and I don’t like thinking about Christmas prior to my birthday!

This year has been slightly different because I was one of those people who go crazy for Father Christmas in August! Obviously I haven’t seen him yet! But I was one of those crazy parents who spent nearly 3 hours sat behind a computer screen, phone and tablet constantly refreshing the Web page until I finally got tickets to see Father Christmas for Lola! This is her first Christmas and I’m so excited as she will be nearly 1 which will mean she will love everything about it!

Isn’t it funny how suddenly Christmas is seen completely different once there is a child involved. I know my entire family are all so excited about Lola’s first Christmas. Babs and I really can’t wait either!

Blogtober has been a fantastic experience. I truly recommend clicking on the Bat picture below so that you can look at everybody who took part in Blogtober! There are some truly fantastic Blogs!

Naomi xx


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  1. Oh your daughters first Christmas will be so special! I must admit I’ve already bought a few bits and pieces for the kids already. I’m never organised enough to book the cool Santa visits in time.

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