I have so many favourite Instagram photos! Every single one of them include Lola! I know that obviously my blog is mainly about Lola and parenting but I thought I would actually choose my first ever Instagram photo.

My first photo is from the top of Corfe Castle. One of my favourite areas in the UK is down towards the New Forest, Bournemouth, Poole and all the surrounding areas. I can’t wait to take Babs and Lola there for them both to experience.

I’ve stayed many times in Bournemouth and then caught the chain ferry from Sandbanks over to Shell Bay. It saves over 25 miles by doing it and it is always pretty quick to get over! Once the other side you drive through beautiful countryside and finally arrive at a beautiful village Corfe. Corfe is a classic “British Village”. There are some beautiful little coffee shops, a fantastic train station where you can ride on a classic Steam Engine.

Finally, there is Corfe Castle. Yes it is ruins but it is stunning being able to stand at the top, looking down on the quaint village and being able to see the Steam Engines travelling through the hills towards the train station. My Instagram photo was taken when there was also a medieval fayre so it certainly added more character!

So here is my first Instagram photo;


Naomi xx


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