There are so many superpowers I would love to have! I guarantee that whatever I write within a few minutes of publishing I will change my mind on which superpower!

Being able see into the future would be fantastic, but also I really do not want to know the future! Which I know sounds completely ridiculous.

I feel that by knowing the future it can prepare for you things, especially things like if you are pregnant knowing which day your baby will arrive.

Or if you are having a low point in your life then seeing into the future you can see that there is a way out to encourage you out of a low point.

As much as we all wish we could have superpowers it really could have devastating consequences! Especially if you could choose which superpower you had! Just look at the Movies!!!

What superpower if any would you choose?

Naomi xx


2 thoughts on “*Blogtober Day 25*”

  1. There can be downsides to yourself having a superpower, but if it does good for others then I’d take it. I know what you mean about not wanting to know the future. It would be a good power, but the future can be scary. I suppose if you did see something you didn’t like in the future you could do your best to stop it? #blogtober16

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