My favourite time of year without a doubt is Autumn especially October!

I love that you can have so many beautiful days of sunshine even though it is starting to get that little bit colder. It isn’t quite rainy season yet, but you can just wrap up warm in a thick coat!

I know a lot of people don’t like Uggs but I love it when my Uggs can make an appearance again! Nothing better than a snuggly warm jumper, jeans and Uggs!

Most important of all I love that my Birthday is in October! Which is next Sunday! Just a reminder for everybody!!

I have a funny feeling my favourite time of year is about to change though because I’m starting to get really excited about Lola’s first Christmas and then her 1st Birthday 3 weeks later! Christmas is going to be a totally different experience this year having a baby! We are really looking forward to her seeing all the Christmas lights and meeting Father Christmas for the first time!

Naomi xx


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