There are a couple of things that I would say are my biggest accomplishments.

Firstly, My flat. It is so ridiculously difficult to get onto the property ladder. So many people are not because the cost of living has rocketed but wages have stayed low and rubbish! I could not afford to buy my flat outright but instead I have gone along the shared ownership route. I own a percentage of my flat and a housing company own the rest. This alone is a huge accomplishment.

The other huge accomplishment is obviously my little lady Lola! Babs and I certainly aren’t perfect parents in any way at all but we are so proud of Lola. She is only 9 months I know, but she is already so knowledgeable and tries to be so independent. I’m so proud that our breastfeeding journey is still going strong! I also love how happy Lola makes so many people! She’s the first baby in the whole family on both sides and she has certainly been a new lease of life to everybody!

Naomi xx


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