Blogtober Day 2 is an old photo of myself. Who is certain to have old photos of me on Facebook just to embarrass me! My Mum of course! I thought I might be a little bit evil though and upload two photos, not only of me but also with my brother and sister! In both photos i’m on the left, then my little sister Chloe and finally on the right my little brother Tarrick! I have no idea where we are in the first photo but I think the second we are at home!



Naomi xx


7 thoughts on “*Blogtober Day 2*”

  1. How kind of you to include your sister and brother 🙂 It looks like you were somewhere quite exciting in the first photo, especially seeing the medals you are all wearing. #blogtober16

  2. I turned to my mum and nan for old photos! Found a few on facebook that I had uploaded myself a while ago. It’s been fun looking through old photos!

  3. Lovely photos of you all, so kind of you to include your brother and sister, I bet they are so pleased you did! Wish I had thought of including my sister in mine!

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