This is another hard post my 10 Favourite Foods. I love food so much and honestly this was hard choosing my 10 favourite!

  1. Chocolate! I might as well get this out the way first! I love chocolate! My main loves are Cadbury’s Buttons and Double Decker.
  2. Noodles! I’ve always love noodles especially the fresh egg noodles. I’ve not actually had noodles for quite a while!
  3. Tortilla! Ok I know this is a food chain but I love a Tortilla Burrito. I always have the same; large with tomato rice, beans, mixed chicken and pork, cheese, and some of the spicy salsa. So that’s my order if anybody wants to get some one!
  4. Sushi! My sister got me into sushi, the first time I ever went to Yo Sushi was with her and then the first time I went to Wasabi as well! California Hand Rolls are my beyond favourite and I know it isn’t sushi but also a lot of the cooked food.
  5. Pizza! I love a good pizza! It’s hard because Babs doesn’t eat pork so I can’t always get a meat feast which is certainly my favourite but I will then make the most of when I’m having my own or with other people to have meat feast!
  6. Pasta! I know I have already said  noodles but this is entirely different. I love Tuna Pasta Bake and I know if I’m ever down and feeling rubbish I will usually make tuna pasta bake as it’s my feel good food!
  7. Mexican! I’m doing this all under one heading! We love the Old El Paso meals. My favourites are the Nachos and Enchiladas. When I was still living at home if it was just me and my brother we would always have Nachos and throw in various bits of chicken etc!
  8. Cheese! As i’ve previously mentioned I love cheese! I really can’t get enough of cheese! I put cheese on or in pretty much everything!
  9. Roast Dinners! I love a proper good roast dinner with all the trimmings especially the Stuffing and Yorkshire Puds! I look forward to Christmas period as we have quite a few roasts in that time
  10. Nigerian Food! Save the best until last! I love love love Nigerian food! When Babs and I first got together and he would buy Nigerian dishes I used to really not like them as they are so spicy but now I can’t get enough and 9 times out of 10 it’s me asking to get them! I attempted to make Jollof Rice last week as a surprise for Babs and he was amazed at just how good it was! I obviously still need a lot of practice but everybody’s begins somewhere! Thankfully Lola loves Nigerian food as well and the spice really does not bother her at all!

I know I’m going to kick myself as there will be foods I’ve forgotten!! What are you favourite foods and are any of them the same as mine?

Naomi xx


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