When I was younger I would always check my star sign in all the teenage magazines but since then I never look unless someone is asking me.

My star sign is Scorpio, I’ve had to have a quick Google to find the ‘traits’ of a Scorpion!

LoyalI’m certainly loyal especially to my closest friends and family

PassionateI’m a bit to passionate about things sometimes! I get something in my head and I stay passionate about it for ages! 

ObservantWithout a doubt i’m observant but that’s purely because I’m so nosey!!! I don’t miss a thing! People can’t keep surprises from me at all!!

Jealous I am a jealous person and I certainly can’t help it! Saying this though being with Babs has made me not quite a jealous person!

Obsessive I feel that I can become obsessive along with being passionate.

Suspicious I become extremely suspicious of people and sometimes it can be over the tiniest thing!

What’s your star sign and do you believe in it?

Naomi xx


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