I have attended so many concerts since I was little! I clearly remember my first big concert and that was Gareth Gates, Will Young and Zoe Birkett! Yes I should hold my head in shame but wow it was AMAZING! This is when I now admit I love Gareth Gates! So moving on!

I’ve attended a lot of concerts such as Proms in the Park, Party in the Park and then Party in the Dark. In Kent we used to have some fantastic concerts, The Hop Farm used to have Party in the Park every year and then it changed to Party in the Dark but suddenly due to various licensing and costs they had to stop doing them. We also used to go along to the Children’s Proms at Leeds Castle (The Kent Leeds!) which was fantastic! Having a picnic, whilst listening to the music and then it all ended with fireworks!

Glee came to the UK about 4 years ago and I went to the 02 twice to see them!! The first time we were the very back row but I got some fantastic photos! The next time we saw them we were much nearer the front but we could barely see anything which was a real shame!

My most recent concert was S Club 7! I was about 7 weeks pregnant with Lola when we went and it really was amazing! It was one of my Christmas presents from my Mum and I went along with my sister! Babs could have come and didn’t mind coming but I felt it was a bit wasted on him coming along when I know my sister secretly loves S Club 7 as well!

There are so many people I would LOVE to see in concert. This Saturday I’m very excited as my sister has invited me to The Royal Albert Hall to see the Disney on Broadway music!

What concerts especially embarrassing ones have you seen?

Naomi xx


One thought on “*Blogtober Day 17*”

  1. Ahh! I would have loved to have seen Glee in concert….No chance of that happening now since they have all gone their own way!
    Have a fab time on Saturday x

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