I love getting new piercings or tattoos!!! I have 4 sets of piercings. My ear lobes I have 3 sets of piercings and then one in my top ear. I have previously also had my belly button pierced which I took out 3 years ago and my tragus which grew out by itself not long after having it pierced. I’m really not that bothered about getting any more piercings.

I have 8 tattoos and I can’t wait for more! I have a Butterfly on my back on my shoulder-blade, Bass Clef on my left wrist and Treble Clef on my right wrist. I have an N on my Neck with a star and some lines, a “fairy” on my right ankle (although it looks a bit like an Imp!) On my left foot I have stars and lines, right food I have an infinity sign with Love and Life with a feather. Behind my right ear I have a bass clef and musical note which make a love heart! Here are a few photos of some of them! SomeĀ are red as they are straight after having them done!

20161016_080439 20161016_080421


I really can’t wait for more tattoos! What tattoos do you have?

Naomi xx


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