We have no real routine to our day but generally this is how it goes in the mornings then evenings;

7am My alarm goes off and I get straight in the shower. Lola is usually stirring but not quite awake.

7.30 Babs gets up and ready

8am Babs leaves so me and Lola generally spend a bit longer in the bedroom

8.15/8.30 Lola and I head to the living room she usually watches Justin’s House and we have a bit of breakfast and then she watches Bing!

Then it really does depend on what we are doing that day. Some days we will go straight out. Other days we will then play with all her toys and I run around after her stopping her from going everything that she shouldn’t be going near!

Lola doesn’t have set nap times she just sleeps when she needs to. Recently she’s had a few days where she only has 1 long nap! This works out hell because at 6pm she falls asleep and by 7 she’s wide awake and jumping everything for another hour or so. If we are at home i’ll usually feed her around 11 and she’ll fall asleep. If we are out then she’ll fall asleep in the car.

6pm Babs gets home

6.30/7 We have dinner then bath Lola straight away

7/7.30 we all spend some time in the bedroom and Lola normally ends up really hyper squealing with excitement! The more excited she is the better because then when it’s time to get to sleep she sleeps quickly.

8/8.30 Lola is usually sparko so I transfer her to the cot.

Then the rest of the evening I either fall asleep early! Or Babs and I watch TV and I generally have an ice cream!!

Lola usually wakes a couple of times for a feed during the night some nights she will go straight back in the cot but most nights she ends up spending the rest of the night in bed with us!

No day is the same though! If Lola hasn’t slept much one day then the following day she will sleep a lot!

Naomi xx


4 thoughts on “*Blogtober Day 15*”

  1. I quite miss the routine of having small ones. There’s an element of it now, but once they’re at school and I’m left to my own devices, it all goes to pot! #blogtober16

  2. Ah I miss naps! I used to get everything done when my twins were napping. Sounds like your days are all about having lovely quality time with your daughter.

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