My original blog was NaomiandLola but I felt that once we have more children it wouldn’t include them! Also that I felt that a lot of people would associate that page with just me and Lola and not us as a family. I decided that before I added too much more content to swap over to my own domain.

I knew I needed to get my own domain so it would be important to look at something that was catchy and would attract readers.

Babs and I spent ages thinking of different names but I suddenly got “Not a Perfect Parent” into my head. I spent a few days keep saying it to myself and I started to like it more and more! So it stuck. I had only just written a post as well about Perfect Parenting ┬áso it really was the right time to decide on the name!

Naomi xx


2 thoughts on “*Blogtober Day 14*”

  1. I think your name will ring true for lots of people. I think I was only a perfect parent before I actually had kids with all of my views on what I would and wouldn’t do! Three kids later I am happily imperfect.

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