My fridge is pretty empty! I’m pretty lazy and if I need anything ‘fresh’ then I buy it on the day. Things like vegetables I now buy frozen otherwise by the time I’m ready to use them they have turned horrible! I always try to have some items in the fridge though.

The main items are;

Dairylea Dunkers – Yes I know they are not healthy and yes I know Lola shouldn’t be eating them but she loves them! She doesn’t have them every day and she doesn’t eat a whole pack she will have two maybe three of the sticks and I guarantee they will end up on the floor!

Cheese – I LOVE cheese! I could eat cheese for England, one of my favourite things is cheese on toast. Before Babs and I were together he never ate cheese much. Since then he has had no choice.

yogurt – We have a real thing about yogurt at the moment. Lola will go through stages of loving yogurt and other times have no interest at all but myself and Babs really love yogurt.

Coke – Yes another unhealthy item! We always have coke in the fridge as we get through it like no tomorrow. It has to be “Fat Coke” and it can’t be any cheap coke!

Orange Juice – If we haven’t got coke we drink a lot of Orange Juice. I used to only buy the more expensive branded orange juice but recently we have started buying the cheapest Lidl’s orange juice and we both prefer it so much more.

Cucumber – We pretty much always have cucumber in our fridge, Lola loves cucumber and it is something I know she will always eat.

Sauces – I’m a massive sauce person! BBQ, Ketchup, Salad Cream, Mayo, Spicy anything really but we always have at least 5 or 6 different sauces in the fridge.

What is in your fridge?



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