I have the most ridiculous amount of handbags. I have handbags in my car, at home and at my Mums! Do I use any of them at the moment? No!! It is a hundred times easier to just throw my bits in Lola’s changing bag and not have to carry both a handbag as well as the huge changing bag! Another reason I do this is because I frequently carry her in our gorgeous connecta! So it makes things a little bit easier only having the one bag.

I actually got a new changing bag only a couple of weeks ago in the Aldi baby sale and I utterly love it! It was only £19.99 but it is perfect as it is big enough and has lots of pockets!


So in the changing bag the items that belong to me are; my phone, my keys, my purse and most the time a phone charger.

Items that belong to Lola are; Nappies, Nappy bags, wipes, sudocream, various packs of snacks, various changes of clothes, her toy eggs, water bottle and a lot more random things!


Are there any other Mums that suddenly stop using their handbag and just use the changing bag!?

Naomi xx

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5 thoughts on “*Blogtober Day 12*”

  1. I did the opposite I just got a big handbag and then used that as my change bag. I used to vacuum pack the two sets of spare clothes that I needed for the twins to make them a lot smaller to carry.

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