So I thought I would join in doing Blogtober again this year. I will be blogging everyday in October based on a number of themes set by Mandi at Big Family Organised Chaos. Two years ago I managed to complete the whole month. Last year I only got about half way through so certainly hope to get all the way this year. Today’s post is All About Me. This is going to be more of an update rather than a full introduction to who I am!

What’s happened in the past year?

So much has happened in the past year it really has been such a crazy year. Lola is now just over 2 and a half. She honestly seems and looks so much older! In September she started Pre School two mornings a week and honestly she loves it so much! She just runs straight in without looking back! Although her free 15 hours do not start until April we made the decision to pay for her to go until then. Without a doubt it has been the right decision.

I’ve barely blogged because we’ve been so busy and had so much going on! We’ve had 3 huge events happen since October and all 3 are the biggest life events that can happen!


The first major event to happen since Blogtober 2017 is that we have moved twice! First of all we moved from my flat in Maidstone to my Mum’s house in December 2017. In May we moved from my Mum’s to Coxheath a village just outside of Maidstone! The move has been perfect! It’s a 2 bedroom house so Lola now has her own bedroom which she absolutely loves and would spend all day in if she could! It also has a small garden which was a dream during the summer. Lola was practically lived in the garden during the hot weather playing in the paddling pool and the water table.

Unfortunately, we have had a huge number of car issues resulting in us being down to only one car. Although Coxheath is a village it actually has so much to do! There’s a small parade of shops, doctors, park, library and a number of clubs held during the week. It has meant that on the days Babs takes the car there is still plenty to do for the girls and I.


The second huge event was that we got married! We had previously booked our wedding for October 2015 but we postponed it as we wanted to wait until I had given birth to Lola! Our plan was to get married before having any more children! We finally decided in December 2017 that we would book our wedding for March 2018! That gave us barely 3 months to arrange the entire wedding! We knew it wouldn’t be a huge wedding as to us the marriage part was the most important! We will be having a much bigger celebration with all our friends and family. I’ve included a couple of photos from our Wedding Day but the are plenty more here

Baby Number 2!

Our final huge life event was having baby number 2! Laide (pronounced lie-day) Harper was born on 6th May! My entire pregnancy went so fast but I think that was because of having a toddler to run around after. Laide was due on the 2nd May but I was convinced I would have her on the 5th but she ended up arriving rather quickly on the 6th! For my full birth story and more photos then go here to see the post! When we picked up the keys to the house in Coxheath Laide was only 5 days old! Babs ended up having to do all the moving as I really wasn’t up to do lifting and sorting.

At the bottom of this post there is a symbol saying Blogtober 2018. If you click on that you can see everybody else who has linked up to do Blogtober!

Naomi xx



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  1. Welcome back, no wonder you haven’t been blogging much, I don’t think I wrote a post for the first 7 months of Viggo’s life! Thankyou for telling us how to pronounce Laide too, its a beautiful name, I can’t believe how much Lola has grown, and congratulations on the wedding xxx

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