I’m running a couple of days late so this post is actually from Tuesday. This post is all about National Baking Week and looking at perfect recipes for you. For me a perfect recipes would be anything dairy free!

There are so many different delicious recipes that are dairy free but it’s just finding the right ones for you. I thought I would share some other blogger’s recipes suitable for me! They are all ones that I certainly need to try out!


I absolutely love warm gooey brownies. There really are so many different variations of brownies recipes. For an amazing gooey vegan chocolate brownie recipe then How To Rock At Parenting has the perfect recipe! Also Beaming Baker has written a recipe perfect for this time of year with Chocolate Peanut Butter Spiderweb Brownies! I know Lola would love making these so we are certainly going to be making sure we pick up all the ingredients to make!


A lot of people get confused with how you can have chocolate as it contains milk but it’s only milk chocolate that does(You still need to check all labels)! I love muffins and have missed not really having them so another recipe with are going to try is the Mummy Lauretta’s Chocolate and Strawberry recipe

Snack Bowl

Daisies and Pie has shared this great idea for a quick snack bowl. I love that it is something that can be pre prepared and just put in the fridge for later in the day. Also that if can be quick to pop in a container and taken to eat on the go!


Smoothies are another great snack to have on the go quick to make and super filling as well. Edinburgh with Kids has shared this great breakfast smoothie. Although this initial costs may be more on the pricey side, once you have all the ingredients in then it works out to be a super cheap and filling snack.

Thank you to the other bloggers for sharing their recipes with me!

Naomi xx


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