I’ve not managed to post very much throughout November. We’ve been extremely busy, I was unwell and to top it all off I’ve been without a laptop! I’m now all back on schedule and going to make up for it by taking part in Blogmas! Blogmas works exactly the same as Blogtober where I will blog every day during the lead up to Christmas.

During Blogtober I had prompts about what to write, but with Blogmas I don’t have any! I will be posting everyday up until and including Boxing Day meaning I have 26 days to think about!

I already know some of the posts but I want my readers to choose some ideas! They don’t need to be about Christmas! The posts I already know I will be doing include;

  • Intu Lakeside Grotto Review
  • The Daddy Tag
  • Our Christmas Traditions
  • Our Christmas Decorations
  • Other Reviews

If there are any questions you would like to ask feel free! Or if you have an idea about a post to be involved then please do let me know! It may not be covered in Blogmas but I will certainly look at what can be covered in the New Year!

Naomi xx


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