I’ve been really fortunate enough to meet some really lovely bloggers over the past few months. So I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the bloggers that I have started to get to know! It’s perfect for anybody looking for other blogs to read especially at the beginning of this New Year! The blogging world is huge and I really didn’t realise just how big until I started blogging!

Mama, Eden and Me

I initially met Laura, Amy and Eden at the Little Tike’s Newborn Range launch! Gorgeous Eden does not stop smiling at all! She is a few weeks older than Lola and always so happy! We’ve then seen each other at a few more events! Mama, Eden and Me is a Two Mum Fairytale Adventure and looks back at what they went through before Eden and now focusing on Eden growing up.

Adventures of a Novice Mum

I’ve met the Blogger behind Adventures of a Novice Mum a couple of times and she is lovely! I love all her posts especially the breastfeeding posts. Each post is certainly what every breastfeeding Mum is feeling but sometimes to scared to talk about! She has certainly encouraged me feeling more positive about not having to hide away to feed Lola! I know many of the readers will feel the same.

KK Moo and Monkey 2

I met Clarissa at one of the first events I attended as a Blogger.  We both attended a Fusion Swimming Session with Lola and Clarissa’s youngest Evie. We’ve then met up for most of the other events that I’ve attended! This included Kidtropolis when I took my cousins and Clarissa’s eldest daughter Keira also came so they were all more than happy going off to each activity together! Clarissa loves seeing all different shows so certainly check out her reviews on some of the most recent shows! Clarissa also posts about both her girls being on the Autistic Spectrum. There will be a new blog series starting on her blog featuring other Parent Bloggers with children on the spectrum.

Wander Mum

Elizabeth I also met at the Fusion Swimming Session. I love reading the Wander Mum blog however it does make me extremely jealous of all the beautiful places Elizabeth goes to with her family! I’ve loved recently seeing all the skiing holiday photos from the Alps (even with lack of snow!) Elizabeth loved travelling before having children and has made sure that since having children that they are still able to travel as much as possible.

New Mum Online

It was fate for us to meet Liska who is behind the blog New Mum Online! Liska has two gorgeous children Aaron and Lottie. Lottie and Lola are like little twins! Lottie and Lola were both chosen to take part in The Gro Company photo shoot! Some of their photos they look so alike! I was lucky enough to meet Liska at the Baby Show back in October. Lottie and Lola really were so alike in every way possible! The way they both scrunch their noses that neither myself or Liska had know other babies to do! They babble the same, both boobie monsters and both half Nigerian! We love watching their YouTube Channel as Lola loves watching both Lottie and Aaron on them!

I will write another post in a couple of months of other bloggers that we have met and the pages I love! Which bloggers do you follow? As I love reading other blogs so always looking for new blogs to read!

Naomi xx

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