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*This is a collaborative post* When shopping for baby essentials, many parents-to-be know the obvious things to buy – the likes of a car seat, pram and nappies. But there are many other useful pieces of kit that often get overlooked. Here are just a few handy baby essentials that many parents forget to buy.

Baby sling

Being able to put your baby in a sling or a carrier can be useful when on the go. When going on walks or visiting places that aren’t particularly pram-friendly, a baby sling can save you the hassle of a dragging pram over rough terrain or upstairs. A baby sling can also be useful when doing housework and other manual tasks, allowing you to keep your baby close whilst having your hands free.

Portable cot

There will be times when you may want to stay round a family member or friend’s house. A portable cot can be ideal for these occasions. Portable cots are also great for going on holiday with – it could save you having to find a hotel that provides a cot.

Dummy clips

If your baby uses a dummy, be sure to buy a dummy clip. These allow you to secure your baby’s dummy to their clothing so that they can’t chuck it on the ground. Without one of these, you’ll forever be losing dummies or having to clean dummies that have fallen in the dirt.

Bottle cleaning kit

Cleaning out bottles with a regular sponge is difficult. A bottle cleaning brush can make it easier to clean inside the bottle. You may also want to buy a steriliser machine that can ensure your bottles are completely sterile each time before use. There are baby bottle cleaning kits such as this Kare and Kind kit that contain all of these items.

Breast pump

For those that plan to breastfeed, a breast pump can be a lifesaver. It can allow you to extract and bottle up breast milk, so that your partner and others can feed your baby (plus there may be times when you are alone with the baby, but want a break from breastfeeding). They’re also useful when transitioning from breastfeeding to bottled milk.

Cot bed sheets

When buying a cot, it’s important to not forget the cot bed sheets. Many parents don’t buy enough of these sheets – they can inevitably get dirty from baby puke and spilt milk, making it useful to have a number of them. This For-Your-Little-One bedding selection could be worth looking at – you’ll find a number of different fitted sheets for cots and moses baskets. A waterproof mattress protector could also be handy.

Baby nail clippers

Clipping baby’s nails can be scary – especially if you’re attempting it with adult clippers. Baby nail clippers can make clipping your baby’s nails easier (a useful tip – do this whilst your baby is asleep is still and it will be a lot easier!).

*This is a collaborative post*

2 thoughts on “Baby Items That Parents Always Forget To Buy”

  1. Nail clippers were the one thing I didn’t get until he was about 4 months old and I wish I’d had them earlier.

    We’re lucky to live in Scotland where we get the Baby Box. We got these little nail files which were fantastic, but even with his soft newborn nails they took ages to file. That said, one of the first times I used the nail clippers I accidentally clipped his finger and made him bleed. I felt like the worst mum in the world and probably cried more about it than he did!

    Cait @ Of Needles and Noodles

  2. It’s not something that we forgot to buy but at the time we needed them we realised the moses basket mattress we had bought didn’t actually fit (too much of a gap round the edges) and had to buy another larger size. Not the end of the world but when you are a new parent you tend to fuss and panic over every little detail.

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