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We live in a world that’s dominated by screens. Everything from work to play is now done online- we use smartphones, watch tv, play video games and use tablets. This is just the way things are, however there should be more to life than just our screens. There’s an incredible world out there, and it’s important for our children to spend time in it. To interact, and do things that aren’t related to technology as well. Here are some ideas for spending time away from screens. 

Get crafty

Arts and crafts are great for children’s development. It’s a fun activity and allows them to get creative and express themselves. Get some arts glue guns, some paper and lots of fun things to stick down from autumn leaves you’ve collected to feathers to glitter. You could paint together, sew, build models, make things out of chocolate- the list is endless. Have a look online for some project ideas to get you started and follow along to one. A great way to keep everyone occupied.

Spend time in nature

You could go on a family hike, a bike ride or go camping. You could visit the park, the beach or go to the countryside and enjoy a picnic. Spending time in nature is good for the soul, it allows kids to see that there’s a beautiful world out there to get out in an explore. Make it fun, arrange nature trails and treasure hunts, play eye spy as you walk. Encourage a love of the great outdoors. 

Bust open the board games

So many games these days are played online that old fashioned family board games often go overlooked. Bust them out, it can be so much fun interacting with all the family, and a bit of healthy competition didn’t hurt anyone! Most of us could do with spending more time as a family, and something like this is a great way to go about it. It’s free, accessible and perfect while the weather is cold and grey like it is right now!

Get active

Getting active allows you to kill two birds with one stone, you can keep kids off their screen and ensure they’re getting enough exercise. Make it fun, hire a bouncy castle or visit a trampoline park. Go swimming, in the summer you could have a water fight in the garden or play football at the park. It will be so much fun, no one will realise what good exercise it is!

What tips do you have to get kids away from their screens and enjoy more time in the real world?

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