*This is a sponsored post* Kids have too much stuff. Fact. We are all so lucky that our kids are lovingly doted on by friends and family, but when push comes to shove, the number of toys they accumulate over the years is enough to fill an enormous cave at the bottom of the ocean. Between toys, clothes, sports equipment, school uniform, bedding, and stuffed animals, there is barely room to breathe in some kids’ rooms.

It’s easy to let the paraphernalia of your kids’ collection of clutter overwhelm you, but in all honesty, decluttering the kids’ rooms is just as important as the rest of the house. We should be teaching our kids to enjoy the things they have, and that having fewer important things is more important than a mountain of stuff which they barely use. But how can we declutter our kids’ rooms effectively? Read on to find out.

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1. Better Storage

If  you don’t want to just ‘get rid’ of your children’s stuff, you can find storage solutions which help keep the room tidy and livable. Kids cabin beds, for example, are a great alternative to a regular single bed. These beds have ample storage in the base, meaning your child can keep their favourite toys in there, along with bedding, clothes, uniform or sports gear. Simple!

2. Explaining Why Decluttering Matters

If your child is reluctant to part with their old clothes and toys, even if they never use them any more, that’s normal. Children like to feel comfortable and safe, and being surrounded by their old things can bring them comfort. If you are meeting resistance to your decluttering mission, a good way to get them on-side is to explain where the toys are going and why it’s important to move on from your old things.

You could make it a game, or a rewards-based system – for each bag of toys you give away, you get an extra bit of pocket money, or an ice cream at the end of the day. It’s the simple things, right? But the best way to introduce decluttering to your kids is by explaining that other children might not have any toys at all, and that they would get great joy from old toys you don’t want. This will help you to teach your child empathy and kindness, while decluttering at the same time.

3. Make Tidying A Daily Habit With Your Kids

If you find yourself laboriously picking up your children’s toys and putting them away, try to instill daily tidying habits with your kids. This might take time, but before you know it, your kids will be automatically clearing up their space every night before bed. The method of instilling this good practice really depends on your child’s personality, but it could range from rewarding them, to simply explaining why tidying is good for your brain, to making it into a fun singalong tidying party every evening! You know your child best, so it’s about finding a tidying method that works for your family.

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