I was nominated by the lovely Becci from The UnNatural Mother to write 20 Facts About Me! So here they are;

1.) I have 8 tattoos and desperately want more! All 8 of my tattoos have meaning and can’t wait to get another to dedicate to Lola!
2.)I went to University to study Music and Education studies.  Since leaving University I have never once used my degree!
3.) I have a major thing about chocolate buttons! I mean really major! I can eat a massive bag in a few minutes!!
4.) I have a tendency of working at places that go into administration
5.)My first job was at Woolworths (one of my favourite jobs)…..where I was made redundant
6.) I then worked at Threshers off licence. The day after I handed in my notice they went into administration
7.) After that I worked at a small independent toy shop. This shut down the month after I left.
8.)Since then I have worked for successful companies!!
9.) I’m definitely a Samsung/Android person and not Apple! The only thing Apple I’ve owned is an iPod!
10.)I hate snakes…. I mean really hate snakes only talking about them or seeing them on TV means I will have a nightmare!
11.) I love to read – since Lola was born I’ve not had any time to read but hopefully start reading more soon
12.) One of my favourite countries is Tunisia! I’ve been there twice on holiday and love it! I can’t wait to go back!
13.) My favourite alcoholic drink is Disaronno but I’ve not had it since way before I was pregnant!!
14.) My favourite shopping centre is Westfields at Stratford City! I love it and everybody always moans when I say I want to go!!
15.) I love a good TV series! We barely watch TV but mostly watch Netflix or Amazon Prime
16.) I love to go swimming – I always used to swim when I was younger. We made sure to take Lola at an early age so she could be used to water and enjoy it!
17.) I secretly love to play a bit of Xbox 360 (not recently!) Especially Tom Clancy Rainbow Six Vegas 2
18.) I used to have singing lessons – I know I can’t sing so didn’t benefit from them at all!
19.) I also learnt the Trumpet for a couple of terms at school. Another thing that I never carried on!!!
20.) I have just handed in my notice at work to become a stay at home mum as well as concentrating on blogging

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Naomi xx

11 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me!”

  1. Love to learn about my fellow bloggers! I don’t mind tattoos, I feel like they are a form of expression. I’d like to be a mom with tattoos one day! Hahaha! I used to be a Samsung person, but I’m changing to Apple (especially for my phone) since Samsung devices aren’t compatible for all services in multiple countries. I hate to change because I wanted the Samsung S7 soooo badly, but I travel a lot so I need to find the brand that works for my needs. I hope I can switch back to Samsung one day though!
    Love your post!

  2. It’s good to know you better via this post. 8 tattoos is a pretty cool number. I am also an android person and not an iPhone one. I just cannot deal with out the proper android functionality.

  3. Really interesting facts about you. I think I can call myself the ‘Apple’ person, because I own some of their products, but I am still thinking about the change for Samsung smartphone.

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