Messy Play is every parents worst nightmare! So what could be better than taking your child to Messy Play in a different environment (not your home!) AND not have to deal with all the mess after (apart from your own child!) We were invited along to Mucky Munchkins to take part in a session whilst having photos taken for the new website!

I knew Lola would get messy and enjoy it but didn’t realise just how messy she would get!! Thankfully we had been house sitting over the weekend so had plenty of clothes in the car to change into!

What is there to do?

Mucky Munchkins is aimed at Under 5’s and is a sensory messy play session. It lasts an hour which is plenty of time for the children to get extremely messy and have such a fantastic time!

Within 5 minutes of being at Mucky Munchkins Lola was covered from head to toe. Her favourite thing to do whilst there was certainly the shaving foam but she really did enjoy everything! It really was hilarious seeing her get covered in everything and not have a care in the world!

There are many activities that are set up around the room. If an activity is looking low then it is instantly refilled! Some of the activities set out included:

Face Painting


Sand Pit


Chalk Board


Shaving Foam

Each week there is a different theme to the session, some of the previous themes have included Circus, Animals, Robots, Pets and Glow Disco! These are great so that if your child is going every week then you aren’t repeating the same activities!

Where is it?

Mucky Munchkins is held in Barming Village Hall in Maidstone. It is easy to get to by either car with plenty of free parking or by bus then it is a short walk down to the Village Hall.

When is it?

Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Mucky Munchkins is held. It is from 10am until 11am and is even held during the school holidays which is always a bonus!

How much is it?

These are the current prices May 2017. Please always check the website for changes in price.

There are a number of options for how much it will cost:

To turn up on the day then it is £5.50 for the first child and then £4.50 for siblings

If you prepay it is £4 per session and £3 for siblings. The payment has to be recieved at least 24 hours in advance.

It is also possible to buy blocks of session cards. For a 5 session card (that is valid for 10 weeks so you would have to visit 5 times in that 10 week period) then it is fantastic value of £16 for the first child then £12 for siblings.

How to book?

Visit Mucky Munchkins website to book online or for the contact details to text/phone, or the Mucky Munchkins Facebook Page.

What do you need to take?

Just yourself and your child! Everything else is provided! Towels and flannels are available to clean your child (and you!) throughout the session (However it’s best just to wait until the end!) There is also drinks of water/squash for the children and biscuits provided.

We certainly can’t wait to be going again!!

Naomi xx

*We went along to the Mucky Munchkins session to take part in the photo shoot. In exchange for the photo shoot we were able to attend the session for free and received a Mucky Munchkins T-Shirt. I have since chosen to do this review as we enjoyed it so much.

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6 thoughts on “Mucky Munchkins”

  1. Wow this looks so cool!! I think messy play is so important, but like most I am always a bit cautious in our own home!! Brill idea… #RV&HT

  2. We go regularly. It’s excellent, Thomas loves the sand pit and play dough, but I think the potion station (bring wellies ) is the best

    1. It really is fantastic! I ended up having to take Lola’s shoes off because she was absolutely covered! She certainly loved it! I’m pleased Thomas loves it so much as well! xx

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